Controls for iPad


Controls is an interactive teaching aid for UK driving instructors teaching the controls lesson. It can also be used by learner drivers to help gain a better understanding of how the controls are used. The app includes the following eight sections:

• Cockpit Drill
• Vision
• Handbrake
• Pedals
• Clutch
• Gears
• Steering
• Signals

Detail of what is contained in each section:

Cockpit drill: Image prompts for DSSSM routine. One image for each stage of the routine. Swipe left or right to change the image.

Vision: What you can see in the mirrors and, more importantly, what you cannot see. This section demonstrates how easy it is for other road users to disappear in your blindspots.

Handbrake: Step by step breakdown of the stages of releasing and applying the handbrake.

Pedals: Interactive demonstration of the range and movement of the three pedals.

Clutch: Interactive clutch demonstrator shows how the clutch plates are used to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. The user can adjust the gas and clutch pedals to show what would happen in different situations.

Gears: Interactive demonstration of the five forward gears found on most (manual transmission) cars. Reverse/sixth gear is also available, although not marked due to variations between cars.

Steering: Interactive demonstration of the push/pull steering method. Additional steering page shows how the car wheels turn in relation to the steering wheel.

Signals: Interactive demonstration of the left & right indicators, including touch & hold signals. Other signals such as hazard warning lights, headlights, fog lights and full beam can also be demonstrated, including a diagram of how these signals can affect another road user.

Each section contains a briefing for those who are learning to drive. There is a lot to learn about car controls, and this app helps put you in the picture. The interactive diagrams make it easy to understand and practice many of the important concepts.

Each section also contains the following extra features:

• Briefing text - ideal for PDIs and learners
• Option to email a link to online briefing
• Option to save your own images into the app
• Easy-eye colour mode (ideal for Irlen sufferers)
• Drawing tool

As a teaching aid, this app is ideal for helping your pupils remember what has been covered inside the car.

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"I use this so often. Brilliant for describing steering etc"
App Store review by Ed-first

"Fantastic little app once again from this developer"
App Store review by Chappo0061

"Wow this is exactly what we need"
App Store review by Uyuyut