Position for iPad


Position for UK driving instructors. Features animated content covering the following lessons/briefings:

Moving Off & Stopping
• Animated moving off and stopping
• P.O.M. & M.S.M. routines
• Steering wheel demonstrator
• Option to add other road users and move them around on screen

Obstacles / Meeting Traffic
• Dealing with obstacles on the left, right, or both sides of the road
• Meeting other road users who may or may not be following the rules!
• Meeting other road users in busy situations

Space & Speed
• Slowing down for situations with limited space
• Slowing down even more for oncoming traffic when space is limited

• Changing lanes with or with our other road users present
• Signalling is optional
• Side roads can be added to show how signals can be misleading

• Correct position for left & right bends
• Limit points

Each session also includes the following extra features:

• Briefing text - ideal for PDIs and learners
• Option to email a link to online briefing
• Option to save your own images into the app
• Easy-eye colour mode for reduced brightness & contrast
• Drawing tool

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