Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you going to be updating your apps to reflect the upcoming changes to the driving test?
I am working on these changes at the moment.

Can I buy your iPad apps as a bundle?
You can now buy all nine apps in the Learn To Drive series as a bundle for £27.99. This represents a saving of £5.92 compared to buying the apps individually. There is also the Driving Instructor Essentials Bundle which costs £19.99, a saving of £3.97.

You can find the Learn To Drive Bundle here and the Essentials bundle here. Alternatively, open the App Store on your iPad and search for "Learn To Drive Bundle" or "Driving Instructor Essentials Bundle".

If you already own one or more of the apps in a bundle, you can still take advantage of the offer by using Apple's "Complete My Bundle" feature. This means you will be refunded whatever you have already paid for apps in the bundle, and will instead be charged the bundle price to own all the apps in the bundle.

Windows PC / Microsoft Surface

Are your apps available on the Windows platform?
Due to very low levels of demand, there are currently no plans to develop apps for Windows devices.


Routes doesn't seem to recording anything when it's in the background. Why not?
Routes requires Background App Refresh to keep working in the background. Open your device's Settings app, then select General > Background App Refresh and make sure it's enabled.

Can I use Routes on my Wi-Fi only iPad?
Routes uses GPS data to track your location, and therefore needs to be installed on either an iPhone or a cellular (3G or 4G) iPad. The app can be used on a Wi-Fi only iPad when the iPad is tethered to a cellular device, but installing and running apps requiring GPS on Wi-Fi only iPads is not officially supported by Apple or Robosoul.


Why do the cars crash into each other?
Roundabouts gives more control to the user than other apps such as Give Way and Traffic Lights. This should make it easier for an instructor to teach this particular subject. However the inevitable consequence of more control is that you have to wield it wisely!

Road Board

How do I make the traffic lights work?
A single-tap on the traffic lights advances the sequence.
For filter lights, a double tap toggles the filter arrow on and off.
For basic traffic lights showing red, a double tap triggers the amber light to flash (as in a pelican crossing).
A triple-tap brings up the contextual menu.

How do I change the settings for this app?

Make sure you have the latest version of Road Board installed. Go to your iPad's Settings app and scroll down the list on the left of the screen. Select Road Board from the list and start editing your settings.

Click here to see the full instruction manual for Road Board.


Where do I store my pupil's address and telephone number?
Records is designed to store licence details, payments and driving records for your pupils. It is not a contacts app. All iPads and iPhones are supplied with an excellent contacts app already installed. It is recommended that this be used to store pupil contact details as it is designed specifically for that purpose.

How do I change the settings for this app?
Make sure you have the latest version of Records installed. Go to your device's Settings app and scroll down the list on the left of the screen. Select Records from the list and start editing your settings.

I don't use "introduced", "full instruction", "prompted" etc to record pupil progress. Can I use a different method with this app?
You can define your own skill levels with the latest version of Records. Go to your device's Settings app to customise the skill levels.

How do I use the payments section?
The first thing you should do is go to Records in your Settings app and input your prices. Return to the Records app, and in the payments section (at the top of each pupil's record sheet) tap the "+" button to add a new payment. Tap the Paid/Due icon to toggle its status. Tap the amount to change the value. Use the +/- stepper to count down the hours used for each payment. Changes made with the stepper will be saved after 2 seconds of inactivity. You can then undo the change if necessary.

How do I change the date of a payment?
In the payments section, tap the "Edit" button. Then tap the Paid/Due icon to bring up the date picker. Tap "Save" when done and then tap the "Done" button to leave edit mode. You can also delete a payment when in edit mode.

How do I export my database?
You need to have your device synced with iTunes in order to export your database. Connect your device to iTunes and select it from the menu on the left. Select "Apps" from the horizontal menu near the top of the iTunes window. Scroll the page down to reveal the "File Sharing" section. Select Records from the list of Apps. To the right, under "Records Documents", you should see a file named "DataStore2.sqlite". This is the database file which contains all your pupil data. Tap on the file to highlight it. Tap the button marked "Save To…" and choose a safe place to backup your data. (There may also be a DataStore2.sqlite.shm and a DataStore2.sqlite.wal file. If so, back these up as well.)

How often should I backup my data?
It is recommended that you fully backup your device as often as possible. You should always do a full backup before making any major changes to your device, including app/software updates. It's also a good idea to export your Records database (see above) around once a week to ensure you always have an up-to-date copy in safe place. You may never need to make use of a backup, but it's certainly good to know it will be there for you in the event that you do need it.

Road Pad and Road Pad Mini

My iPad is a Wi-Fi only model. Can I use Road Pad to save images of tricky junctions and use them in the car while teaching?
Yes. Whenever you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can load up satellite images on the app and save them into memory. You can then retrieve these image when you are out at work without an internet connection. (iPad only)

I'm looking at the satellite view but the image quality isn't so good. Why is this?

The satellite images in Road Pad are provided by Google and Apple. The app uses the most up-to-date images available. For many parts of the world, particularly in big cities, these images are of a very good resolution and extremely useful for teaching purposes. In some areas, particularly rural areas, the resolution is not as high, and may not be suitable for teaching. Google and Apple are constantly updating and improving their satellite images. As soon as new, improved images are made public by these providers, they are available to view in Road Pad.

Why are some satellite images out of date?
The best satellite images available in Road Pad are provided by Google. Google is constantly updating and improving its cache of images of the globe. However, it does not provide a live satellite image to your device so some images will inevitably be more up-to-date than others. If there is a road or junction in your area that has been recently built, you may not be able to get a satellite view of it. As Google updates its images of the relevant area, the new road or junction will become visible through their service. As soon as Google makes new images available, they are available to you in Road Pad. If you cannot get a good enough image using Google Maps, try switching to Apple's maps (via the Options menu) to see if they provide a better picture.

Can I search for a specific address?
Search is not currently supported in Road Pad. Since most instructors are working in a local area that they know well, search isn’t generally required. It is usually simpler to zoom out and zoom in again at the location you want to use. Turn on street names (labels) in the main menu to help with this if you need to find something quickly.

Mock Test

I just downloaded Mock Test but I can't see the menu. Where is it?
To bring up the menu, just tap on the words Driving Test Report at the top of the page. Select Help from the menu for more information about how to use the app.

How do I remove a fault from the DL25 sheet?
To remove a fault, you need to drag it out of the box. Touch the screen inside the box and drag your finger sideways out of the box before releasing it. This is easier in landscape mode than it is in portrait mode as the DL25 cannot be scrolled sideways in landscape mode.

How do I change the settings for this app?
Make sure you have the latest version of Mock Test installed. Go to your iPad's Settings app and scroll down the list on the left of the screen. Select Mock Test from the list and start editing your settings.

How do I make notes when carrying out a mock test?
Make sure you have the latest version of Mock Test installed. On the DL25, tap on the box labeled Examiner. Enter your notes and tap the Save button. Notes will be saved along with the DL25 and can be edited after saving. You can email your notes along with the DL25 by selecting this option in your iPad's Settings app (see above).

How do I include the DL25 explanation text with my email?
If you are using the latest version of Mock Test, you need to enable this option in your iPad's Settings app (see How do I change the settings for this app? above).

How do I delete a test sheet when I no longer need it?
To delete a mock test, select Open / Send from the menu. When the list of saved tests appears, tap the Edit button. Tap the red dot next to the test you want to delete, then tap the Delete button to confirm.


Can I adjust the point of turn in the Parallel Park section?
Yes. Make sure you have the latest version of Manoeuvres installed. Use the back/forward buttons (<< & >>) to position the car ready to turn. A settings button (cog icon) will appear in the top right corner of the screen. Tap the button and use the slider to adjust the position of the car. The app will remember your selected position.

Traffic Lights

Why is there no filter light option in the Road On Right section?
The goal of the app is to illustrate the basic principles of using Traffic Lights. It does not aim to cover every possible situation as this would obviously be impossible. The basic principles of filter lights are portrayed in the Crossroads, Road On Left, T-Junction and Left Filter sections.


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