Apps for Android tablets & phones

Unfortunately, Android app development is currently at a standstill here at Robosoul.

Due to the much higher level of interest in iPad apps among driving instructors, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify work on the Android side of things. I am hoping this situation will change, but for the time being work has ceased on developing and updating Android versions of the apps.

For UK driving instructors who want access to the best teaching aids in the business, I whole-heartedly recommend investing in an iPad. Just go to the apps page to view the incredible range of apps available for the iPad. If cost is an issue, please do consider the iPad mini as a more affordable option.

Apple's refurbished iPad store has some fantastic deals on the iPad and iPad mini. I've bought from the refurbished store on several occasions and have made some great savings as a result. All refurbished models are basically as-new and come with a full year's warranty.

Please get in touch if you have further questions.

If you have already purchased Road Pad and/or Road Board for Android and are switching to the iPad, please let me know and I will arrange for you to receive a free copy of the iPad version of the app.

Click here for the Android FAQ page.