Standards Check for iPad


Designed by Neil Snow and built by Neil Beaver, Standards Check is the ultimate companion app for UK Driving Instructors looking to achieve and maintain a high standard of teaching ability, as well as achieving a successful outcome in standards check assessments.

Client-centred teaching is about using the correct technique at the correct time whilst matching to the pupil’s needs. This app provides framework for you to assess how well you are doing this, whilst at the same time gaining a better understanding of the requirements of the standards check.

Because this app is based on the DVSA National Driver and Rider Training Standards ADI 1 (guidance to examiners carrying out instructor tests) and SC1 (standards check marking form), you can monitor and assess your performance directly in line with the requirements of the standards check.

After each lesson, day or week, use this app to grade your own teaching standards and build a personal record of your performance over time. Check yourself against the many do's, don'ts and top tips for each of the seventeen competencies.

Alternatively, this app is perfect for occasional use, maybe on the approach to your standards check in order to measure your current performance levels and increase your knowledge of the standards check requirements.

For ADI trainers this app is ideal both for mock test use and as a tool for client self-reflection.

In addition to checking your standards check performance, you can also use this app to periodically create a progress report. The progress report enables you to keep track of your goals, using the GROW model to establish where you are headed and what you need to do in order to get there.

You can email your assessment scores and progress reports from the app, either to share with others or to create a permanent record of your achievements.

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"As usual a great app from Neil. All the info is in the DVSA ADI1 but this makes it easily accessible and usable. Perfect to self-assess and improve before the real thing."
App Store review by The Real Barry