Update on how badly things are going

A week after my last update I’m afraid to say I have nothing new to report. I cannot explain how frustrating this is for me, and I know it must be frustrating for yourselves also.

I am still going through the process of trying to regain the lost security privileges in my Apple developer account. Working through this issue with them is slow. Apple does not officially offer support for the type of problem I am having. The security system for developers publishing on the App Store is so complex that they don’t actually have any support staff who are knowledgeable about it. It’s like you’ve lost the keys to your office, there is no way to break in, and nobody who knows how to make you a new key or change the lock.

Again, the frustration this is causing me is indescribable. I am at the point of stating to consider alternative careers. When your livelihood is so dependant on a giant American company, to whom you represent an insignificant amount of revenue, it leaves you feeling utterly powerless when things go wrong, utterly at their mercy.

I’m still trying to be optimistic for a resolution, and for it to come soon. That’s all I can say at the moment.