The current iPad range

Not a lot has changed since my last article on how to understand the slightly bewildering array of iPads that are currently available. If you’re thinking of buying an iPad and you’re not sure which one to get, you might want to read that article after looking at this one. There’s a lot of useful information there. The purpose of this article is to add a little extra information in order to keep things up to date.

Since the last article was written, Apple has released two new versions of the iPad. In the full-size range, the iPad Air 2 is the new top-of-the-range model, replacing the iPad Air. You can still buy the iPad Air, it’s still a great iPad, and it’s £80 cheaper now than it was when it was released. There’s also a new iPad mini in town, the iPad mini 3.

The iPad Air 2 is slightly lighter and thinner than the iPad Air, and features upgraded hardware. Most noticeably, Apple has added Touch ID, which enables the ability to securely unlock the device (and authorise purchases) using only your fingerprint.

The iPad mini 3 is basically the same as an iPad mini 2, but with the addition of Touch ID.

The “iPad With Retina Display” and the iPad 2 are no longer featured in the range of iPads offered by Apple.

You can still pick up an iPad 2 as a budget option, but bear in mind that this is now a four-year-old device. It’s getting pretty slow by today’s standards, and software updates will probably cease to be available for this model reasonably soon. The same goes for the 1st generation iPad mini.

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