Status update

A few people have been asking about progress with ADI Records and Routes, so here’s a wee status update.

The situation in a nutshell is that I’m extremely frustrated with everything that’s happening at the moment.

By now, ADI Records should have been updated to reflect the changes made to the driving test in November. However, I am still unable to update this app, and releasing an entirely new version as I did for Manoeuvres in not feasible in this case. I’m still going through the process of trying to resolve this issue with Apple. Assuming I can get past the current roadblock, there is very little I need to actually do to the app to complete the update and get it released. I just need Apple to help me resolve the issue that’s stopping me from getting an update out. I’ve been in contact with them again today and am awaiting a response.

Routes is in the middle of a re-write and that’s what I should be working on now, and should have been working on throughout January. Unfortunately, I’ve been encountering multiple hellish bugs in the implementation of diagonal reverse parking in the new Manoeuvres app. This is the most infuriating thing. I’ve laboured to get the diagonal parking animations to look right, and I’m so close to being able to release the update. I’ve been working on these bugs on and off throughout the last couple of weeks, and I still have one serious one that I just can’t get rid of. I’m not sure what I can do at the moment. It makes me feel hopeless when this happens. When a project is so close to completion it’s very hard to put it down and focus on something else. At the same time, I’m getting nowhere with it. I don’t know what my next move should be.

On top of all this, I have no fixed home of my own at the moment. Although this has been my situation for a good couple of years, I’m now (hopefully) getting close to the point at which I can have my own place again, and get myself properly settled. However, the process of finding and buying and moving into a new home is not without its stresses, and it’s not helping me to get my work done as quickly as I would like.

So that’s the status, folks. I’m struggling to get these updates done for you. It’s hard. It’s dispiriting. It feels hopeless sometimes. But I’m still working at it.

At the same time, I’m having to find time to do bits of freelance work in order to top up my income (so I can be sure I will be able to pay all the bills once I have my own home to live in), and I’m also trying to come up with some auspicious plans for the future of Robosoul, for the same reason.