Routes app - progress update

It feels like this is turning into the never-ending update.

Many of you have emailed me to say how much you love this app, and you like to use it on a daily basis.

Before iOS 11 was released, I knew there were issues with the app and I tried to fix them. After a fair bit of work, it became clear that I may never find the problem that was causing the app to crash, and that I would probably be better starting on a complete re-write. Having embarked on the re-write, it’s taking a while. Writing an entire app is never a quick process, not if it’s going to be a useful app that works well.

In this case I’m also writing it in a language which is completely new to me. Apple has made it clear that Objective-C, the programming language I’ve been using to date, is a thing of the past, and that Swift is the way forward. Like a lot of programmers, I found myself persisting with Objective-C because it’s what I know and it’s what my existing apps are written in. But it feels like the time has come for me to start making the transition to the new language, or risk being left behind. It’s not fun, and it’s certainly not easy.

Right now, Routes is having to go on the back burner while I turn my attention to my ADI Records and Manoeuvres app updates.

I will get back to Routes, though, and I will get it finished. When, I can’t say. What I can say is that it will be better than before, and with it’s all-new, fancy Swift code, it should be pretty easy to maintain and update when necessary.

I’m hoping I will also be able to update and modernise the code behind my other apps in due course, which should also help to keep them running smoothly for the foreseeable future.