Finally, I'm seeing some progress in the issues I've been having with my Apple developer account. I am now able to work on Manoeuvres again! I have lost the changes I made previously, and I have a ton of errors to fix due to the many changes in iOS since the last update to the app, but I am able to work on it and to test it on my iPad. I'm optimistic that I will also be able to realise it to the App Store in due course.

I am still not able to release updates to existing apps. I will focus my attention on getting the new version of Manoeuvres completed and released, then I will get back to the tortuous business of dealing with Apple's support process. I still think it's possible that I will be able to gain back the ability to update Records. I have lost the relevant security permissions to update any of my existing apps, and Apple will only grant access on a case by case basis. And they don't make it easy! So I'm not holding my breath, but if I can muster up enough persistence, it's a possibility.

Once all that is behind me, I can get back to learning the new programming language and trying to complete the new version of Routes.