New Manoeuvres app FAQ

Two car lengths?

Since the release of the new version of Manoeuvres last week, there is one question that I’ve been asked a few times: why does the car reverse back more than two car lengths during the Pull Up on the Right manoeuvre?

The reason for this is fairly simple. I’ve made the assumption that all instructors will explain to their pupils that two car lengths is sufficient in most cases, and that all pupils will understand this instruction. Therefore, in designing the app I’ve focused on giving the blue car enough space to pull up on the right, and also enough space to move off again and join the left side of the road. The car therefore reverses a bit more than two car lengths in order to allow space for both these things to happen.


Yes, there is a typo in the briefing notes for Pull Up on the Right. In the section on reversing, it says to select
first gear when it should, of course, say reverse gear. This error will be corrected in the next update.

Diagonal bay parking?

I’ve been wanting to bring diagonal bay parking to the app for a long time. With the new version coming out, a couple of people have reminded me that it’s still not in there. I’m working on that now. I’ve got the basic animations done, but some of the details are proving to be extremely complicated and it’s taking a while to get everything running smoothly. As always, I will release the update when it’s ready, and I hope that won’t be too long from now.

Where can I get it?