Manoeuvres diagonal bay park finally available

I've finally completed work on an update to my new Manoeuvres app. The new app adds the Pull Up & Reverse and Forward Bay Park manoeuvres to the old classics that we all know so well.

This update adds the Diagonal Reverse Bay Park into the mix, alongside the Right-Angled Reverse Bay Park, the Right-Angled Forward Bay Park, and the "Swing Out" Forward Bay Park. The app should now cover pretty much all of your bay parking needs.

Of course, if you need to show anything else in a car park context, you can always whip out
my Road Board app and use the "Car Park" background in there to construct your own custom scene.

The Manoeuvres update also adds iPad 2 compatibility and fixes a couple of minor bugs.

Still not got the app? Get it here:


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