Important info for users of Mock Test app

A heads up for those of you using my Mock Test app...

iOS 9 is coming soon. Apple will announce the release date today, and that date will probably be in the next couple of weeks. As usual, the new version of iOS has caused a bit of havoc in some of my apps, Mock Test being one of them.

I've already released updates to address the serious issues in other apps, but Mock Test is being especially awkward. When I modify the app to run on iOS 9, it refuses to work with iOS 8. This isn't a big problem as I can release an update which requires iOS 9 or higher, so those with iOS 8 will continue to use their working version and those with iOS 9 can update to the repaired version.

The difficulty with this solution is that due to the way things work with app submissions and approvals, I may not be able to have the iOS 9 version of Mock Test available on day one of iOS 9 availability. In other words, if you update straight away to iOS 9 and try to use Mock Test before the updated version goes live, you might be disappointed.

My advice is usually not to jump on the latest iOS updates as they often caused unexpected issues. In this case, we have something that will almost certainly be an issue if you want to keep using that particular app.

As for the other apps, to ensure iOS 9 compatibility make sure you have the latest updates for Indy Drive, Emergency Stop, and KISS Fleet.

Road Board seems to have some minor aesthetic quirks under iOS 9, and these will be addressed in due course.