Learn To Drive series: new features

An update to the Traffic Lights app in my Learn To Drive series has just gone live for those with iOS 7 installed on their iPad. This update introduces some exciting new features which I’ve been working on in recent months, and which will be rolling out across the whole Learn To Drive series in the coming weeks.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s new…

Ok, this one isn’t actually new but is included here for the sake of completeness. Tap this icon for a full briefing on the current topic where appropriate. If the current subject is not one that requires a full briefing, this button will reveal a short description of what is on screen and why.

This icon will instantly create an email containing a link to a webpage covering the current subject. All you need to do is provide your pupil’s email address and hit Send. If you have your pupil’s email address already stored in your iPad’s Contacts app, the address will auto-complete as you start to type. This is a very quick and easy way to increase the level of your pupil's engagement with their lessons. Because the link pops up in their inbox, it’s a handy reminder for them to do some revision, making them much less likely to come to their next lesson having forgotten it all.

Tap this icon to customise your lesson briefings with your own images. You can import images from your iPad’s photo library, or you can use the iPad’s camera to take a new photo. Add images of your car, your reference points, the unusual junctions in your area, anything that’s relevant to your briefing. Swipe the screen to change back and forth between your saved images.

Easy-eye colour mode
This feature has been added to aid pupils with high sensitivity to images with bright colours and/or high levels of contrast. Tap the icon to make the images on screen more friendly to anyone experiencing this kind of difficulty, in particular those with Irlen syndrome. Much respect to Julia Malkin and Gary Gough, who are developing the Revolutions course, and encouraging the use of techniques like this to increase the quality and availability of special needs driving lessons for all.

New drawing icon
Drawing still works exactly the same as it always did, but has this shiny new icon to brighten up your day. Tap to activate drawing mode, and the following two icons will appear. Tap the drawing icon again to exit drawing mode.

New undo icon
Bored of the old undo button? Yes, me too. This one should make you feel better. Works the same as before, so another purely cosmetic change here.

New clear icon
The button for clearing all drawing from the screen has also had a facelift. Much better!

I hope you enjoy using these new features in your lessons as they become available through updates to the apps. I think you'll agree that some of these features have the potential to have a transformative effect on your lessons.

The best thing about these new features is they're available to you absolutely free of charge for the apps you already own!

PLEASE NOTE: You need to have iOS 7 installed on your iPad to be able to download the updates with these new features.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Drawing mode in the Controls app does not have an undo or clear option. Turning off drawing will automatically clear the screen.

Some recent updates

Traffic Lights has recently been updated to fix a bug that could cause the red car in the Crossroads/Filter animation to do something pretty daft. This update is available now.

I've recently sent updates to Apple for Records and Road Pad. These updates are still awaiting approval and release.

The changes to Records are as follows:
Option to set alternative prices (for student discount etc)
Option to include details of latest payment in email to pupil
Option to sort pupils alphabetically by surname

The Road Pad update fixes an bug that could cause an image to display incorrectly after changing the image's name.