Roundabouts 2.0

I'm very pleased to announce today the release of a major update to my Roundabouts app. This update is for iOS 7.0 and above and includes the following improvements:

• Smoother animations
• Collision detection - cars will now simulate an actual collision instead of driving over each other
• Exit signals for mini-roundabouts
• Medium and Large sections can now show two cars approaching side by side
• Turning right into the 4th exit is now shown in the Large section
• Brand new Spiral section
• Interface tweaked for improved usability and updated for iOS 7

The update also includes the full range of new features that I've been adding to all the apps in the Learn To Drive series, including the ability to save your own images and to email revision links to your pupils.

If you don't have the app already, get it here:

Learn To Drive: Roundabouts - Neil Beaver

Roundabouts released

I'm happy to announce that version 1.0 of Learn to Drive: Roundabouts is now available on the iTunes App Store. I emphasise that it's version 1.0 because I've got more planned for this app. I'm already working on a separate section for approaching, and I hope to app a section on spiral roundabouts at some point as well.

I've worked to provide the user with a lot more direct control over the cars in this app. You can start and stop each vehicle as it suits you, including the option to pause and reset the animations at any time. You can also take control of the signals given by other road users, allowing you to show them getting it wrong as well as right!

I think instructors are going to really appreciate being able to set up their own situations in this app by controlling each car individually.

Click the button below to get it now:

Learn To Drive: Roundabouts - Neil Beaver