Road Board 1.04 for Android

The Android version of Road Board has been updated to version 1.04. This update contains bug fixes and some nice interface tweaks including:

• Colour picker now closes on touch
• Road menus nicely aligned across devices
• Draw button switched to be more intuitive
• Multiple selection - long press items to add without closing menu

Road Board comes to Android

Road Board is now available for Android devices, including the new Tesco Hudl. You can read more about Road Board here. Use the button below to find it on the Google Play Store...

Android app on Google Play

40% off Road Board during August

Road Board has 40% off for the rest of August 2013. That's only £3.99 instead of £6.99.

Road Board is probably the most essential app there is for Driving Instructors in the UK. It features 45 different road situations, plus an endless array of items, road markings, signs and road users to add to the view and build up your own scenes. You can recreate practically anything that would happen in a driving lesson, and save your own custom scenes so you can return to them again and again.

Road Board 2.0

Today sees the release of a major update to Road Board. The most essential app for UK driving instructors just became even more essential!

This release introduces an important feature which I know many users have been waiting for: the ability to save a "live" scene, which continues to be interactive after it has been saved and then later retrieved from memory. Now, when you tap the Save button at the top left of the screen, you will be offered three options:

• Save as static image
• Save as live scene
• Email

Save as static image is the same as the original save feature: it simply saves an image of what is on your screen, which can be retrieved later. The saved image will include any drawing which has been retained on the screen using the "Freeze" button.

Save as live scene will remember all that is on your screen so it can be reproduced later in "live" form. When you retrieve the scene from memory, objects you added to the view will appear exactly as they were when you saved the scene and they will continue to be interactive just as they were when you first added them. Signals will also be remembered so indicators will continue to flash after you have called up your saved scene from memory.

Email simply takes a snapshot of what is on your screen and places it into an email composer which allows you to add any relevant text, input an address to send it to, and (as long as you are connected to the internet) send the image via email.

More features added to Road Board in this update:

• Cars can now show brake lights & reverse lights - triple tap the car to access these options
• Basic traffic lights can now be used for pelican crossings - double tap the traffic light when it's showing red to trigger the flashing amber light
• You can now adjust the pen size when drawing
• New items have been added including a sharp corner (which can be used to replace the more rounded corners)
• A couple of new road users have been added, including a special guest among the ORUs
• An updated and expanded user manual has been added - tap the "i" button and select "Help" to see it
• Full support for Retina displays
• Various bug fixes, usability tweaks and other minor enhancements

As always, I've tested all the new features and am not aware of any bugs in the app at the time of release. However, there is always the possibility that one or more bugs will have crept in along with the many changes made to the app. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know if you find anything that seems to be amiss.

If you don't already own a copy of Road Board, I suggest you get yourself along to the App Store and grab yourself a copy now!

Road Board - Neil Beaver

Road Board 1.1

Female Pedestrian copy
Version 1.1 of Road Board is now available. This is a major update which includes the following additions:

Cars have indicators - use the contextual menu (double tap) to active and deactivate signals.

You can add the following routines to the view: POM, MSM, LADA, MSPSL. Position the letters anywhere you want on screen.

You can now choose from seven different colours when drawing.

You can now save your own backgrounds. Construct a custom "scene" using one of the standard backgrounds then tap the Save button. Give your scene a name, and you can retrieve it anytime by tapping on the Saved button. You can use three finger swipes to switch between your saved scenes.

The following five new road images have been added: Unmarked Crossroads, Roundabout Approach, Double Mini Roundabout, Traffic Lights Left Filter and Y-Junction.

Two new (bigger) pedestrians have been added.
Male Pedestrian copy

You can add cones to the view for roadworks situations.

You can add a double hatched area for turning.

Three finger left/right swipe is now animated.

Selecting a new background from the menu clears all objects from the view. Three finger left/right swipe leaves the objects in place.

The horrible green car has been replaced with a nice yellow car.

Introducing Road Board

Road Board is the latest creation here at Robosoul. Designed specifically for Driving Instructors in the UK, Road Board provides 31 different background images upon which you can add and remove various road users, objects and road markings. You can move and rotate these items to create different situations for demonstration to your pupil. You can also draw on top of the images.

More details on Road Board.