ADI Records and Manoeuvres - progress update

I know many of you are waiting for updates relating to the upcoming changes in the driving test, due to begin December 4th. I’m fielding an ever-increasing amount of email in relation to this, so I wanted to post an update so that everyone who wants to know can understand what’s happening.

The two apps most seriously affected by these changes are ADI Records and Manoeuvres. (There is also Mock Test, but I'm treating that as
a lower priority at the moment.)

First of all, these updates originally took a back seat to the re-write of my Routes app (
see here for more details on that). I had hoped to have Routes finished a lot quicker, thinking there would still be plenty of time to get Records and Manoeuvres done after that. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the Routes project has dragged on and on, and I’ve now had to leave that aside in order to crack on with these two. With December 4th approaching fast, I don’t have much choice.

Sadly, with the changes in Records all ready for final testing on my iPhone and iPad, I hit a major snag…

Recently, my development computer started acting up and needed to be replaced. To cut a long and complicated story short, I wasn’t able to transfer to the new computer certain security credentials that are necessary in order to be able to publish updates on the App Store. Apple is, of course, obsessive about security. Their App Store is generally a very safe and secure place, so much more so than the Google Play Store, so it’s hard to criticise them for it. However, this does make things incredibly complicated for developers. Whenever we have to deal with issues relating to security keys and certificates, we always get a strong sense of dread, because when you have a problem with these things it is always impossible to understand, and usually pretty hard to solve.

I am currently in touch with Apple’s very competent support staff, and I am hoping to have the issue resolved relatively quickly. However, there is no way for me to say exactly when.

I fully expect to have these apps updated before December 4th. I hoped that it would be well before, but obviously things are going to be a lot tighter than originally planned.

I’m really sorry for the delays. I know many of you rely on my apps to help with your everyday teaching needs. These updates are now much needed, so I’m doing everything I can to bring them to you as soon as I can.

If you want to be informed when the updates are ready, please
sign up to my email list here. There will be no spam, only genuine announcements about the progress of my apps for driving instructors.

iOS 7: Some issues in Records

I've received a couple of reports of things not working entirely as expected in my Records app after updating to iOS 7. The problems all seem to be related to the Pupil Details section of the app. I'm already working on an update to Records and hope to have everything back to normal very soon. In the meantime, if you use Records and you haven't already updated to iOS 7, it might be worth waiting a bit longer until these issues are resolved.

UPDATE 11/10/13: Get the latest Records update for bug fixing goodness!

Records 2.2

Another major Records update has just gone live on the App Store. Here's what's included:

Show Me Tell Me options: Now you can view the full list of DSA vehicle safety questions and answers within the app. Just tap the info ("i") button on the main screen where your pupils are listed. You can also email the questions and answers to your pupil from the pupil's Details section. Once sent, Records will remember that you've sent them, although you can always send again at any time.


Keep others in the loop: In your pupil's Details section, you can add an additional email address. Scroll down and select the option to "Cc Emails". Now every time you send a progress update, a copy will automatically be sent to the additional email address. Perfect for keeping parents constantly informed about their child's progress.


Instructor Apps integration: If you use the Instructor Apps web service, you can tell Records to automatically send a copy of each progress update to Instructor Apps. Instructor Apps will identify which pupil the update is for and add it to their online record. To enable Instructor Apps integration, select Records in your device's Settings app.

Instructor Apps

Help & FAQ: When you tap the info ("i") button on the main screen there are a couple more options in addition to being able to view the the Show Me Tell Me questions. There also a Help page, which is basically a user manual for the app, and third page which lists some frequently asked questions and answers relating to the app.


Lesson Times: This is a major feature and something that a number of users have asked for. You can now use Records to maintain a list of each pupil's preferred lesson times. You can reorder the list to show the pupil's order of preference. When you want to add a lesson to your diary, all you need to do is tap it. The calendar interface will pop up on your screen, you can make any changes you wish, or just tap the Done button to proceed. The lesson will be added to your diary without you having to leave the Records app. The new lesson will then sync with iCloud or Google Calendar, depending on how you have your calendar set up. This makes adding the next lesson to your diary so fast and simple it's hard to believe.


Also: New fields for Progress and Country Roads have been added. The user interface has received various tweaks and performance enhancements.

I've got plenty more planned for this app and development work is ongoing as you read this. If you don't already use Records, it's a steal at £3.99 and is available on the App Store by tapping the button below. If you do already have the app, the update with all of the above features is absolutely free!

Records - Neil Beaver

Some recent updates

Traffic Lights has recently been updated to fix a bug that could cause the red car in the Crossroads/Filter animation to do something pretty daft. This update is available now.

I've recently sent updates to Apple for Records and Road Pad. These updates are still awaiting approval and release.

The changes to Records are as follows:
Option to set alternative prices (for student discount etc)
Option to include details of latest payment in email to pupil
Option to sort pupils alphabetically by surname

The Road Pad update fixes an bug that could cause an image to display incorrectly after changing the image's name.

Better safe than sorry

I'm expecting the latest version of Records to become available any day now. Here's a tip: whenever you're about to download an update for an app that contains vital data, it's a good idea to do a full backup of your device immediately beforehand. If anything goes wrong, you can do a full restore to get back to normal. There's no reason why anything should go wrong when installing the update, but where data is concerned it's better to be safe than sorry!

Records 2.0 is on the way

Work has been completed on version 2.0 of Records. This is a major update which adds three important new features:

1. You can use the app to store payments for each pupil
2. You can make a backup copy of your database at any time via iTunes
3. You can add inactive pupils to an archive, which will keep their record for you but also keep it out of the way

Version 2.0 also fixes a bug which, in certain circumstances, could cause a pupil's date of birth to not be saved.

The update has been submitted to Apple for approval. It usually takes around a week for them to review an app before it can go live on the App Store.

iOS 6 latest

A quick update on what's been happening with iOS app updates and bug fixes:

Road Pad & Road Pad Mini
Both these apps were affected by Apple's move away from Google Maps. I've made available temporary updates for users of iOS 6. These updates replace Apple's maps with Google Maps.

I've also completed work on further updates to both of these apps, which have been submitted to Apple for approval but are not yet live on the App Store. These latest updates support iOS 5 & 6. They allow the user to choose between using Apple's maps or Google Maps. Both updates also include other usability enhancements. They should be available to download in the next few days.

iOS 6 caused an issue in the Controls app which prevented the handbrake demonstrator from working. An updated version of the app which fixes this bug has been submitted to Apple and should be available to download in the next few days.

Records & Give Way
Both these apps have been updated to fix bugs caused by iOS 6. Both updates are available to download from the App Store now.

UPDATE: Controls update has gone live, but another bug has surfaced! See here for details. Road Pad 1.4 has also gone live. See here for details.

FURTHER UPDATE: Road Pad Mini 1.2 is now live as well. See here for details.

iOS 6 status update

I know some of you have been experiencing problems with my apps since the update to iOS 6. I've been working hard to get the issues resolved, and I'm pleased to report that things are well on the way to being back to normal. Here's a summary of what's been happening:

Users of iOS 6 might have noticed some strange colours when using Records. This has been fixed and the update is available to download now. The update recommended for all users. It also includes a user interface improvement for iPad users.

Give Way
iOS 6 caused some major issues with Give Way. I've fixed the bug and submitted an updated version of the app to Apple. The update is awaiting their approval and should become available any day now. The update will not change anything for users running iOS 5.

Road Pad Mini (iPhone app)
Road Pad Mini lost access to Google Maps and satellite images with the iOS 6 update. I submitted a workaround which has been approved by Apple. The update is recommended for users running iOS 6 who want to return to using Google Maps. If you're happy with the Apple maps, you should not download the update to Road Pad Mini. Users still running iOS 5 will not be able to update for the time being as the latest version only supports iOS6. This is because the older version offers better performance optimised for iOS 5. Users of the new iPhone 5 will notice a bug that prevents drawing in the lower 1/5th of the screen. A fix for this bug has been submitted and is waiting for approval.

Road Pad (iPad app)
Road Pad also lost access to Google Maps and satellite images with the iOS 6 update. I've submitted a workaround which is still awaiting approval from Apple. If/when it becomes available, the update is recommended for users running iOS 6 who want to return to using Google Maps. Again, if you're happy with the Apple maps, you should not download the update. Users still running iOS 5 will not be able to install the update. Better performance will be achieved by sticking with the older version and sticking with iOS 5.

UPDATE: The Give Way update has now been approved. It should be available to download before the end of today (Thursday 27th).

Another reason to wait before getting iOS 6

If you've taken the plunge and updated to iOS 6 in the past couple of days, you might have noticed one of the backgrounds in Records turn a funny colour. This is one of the more bizarre bugs I've ever seen, but there's no need to be alarmed: the app still works fine.

This morning I posted an update which fixes the issue, as well as improving the way the app deals with adding notes on the iPad.

Now you have to specifically dismiss a notes field when you're editing it. This means you cannot accidentally dismiss it by tapping outside it on the screen, which could cause you to lose anything you've already typed into the box.

As usual, the update will take a week or so to go through Apple's approval process before it's available to download.

It's frustrating to have to do this update now, as I've almost finished implementing a whole new feature in the app: the ability to store payment information. Payments will be coming soon in another update. For now, I thought it more important to release the fix for the colour issue as soon as possible.

Records version 1.2

Records receives an update today, bringing many new features which have been requested by users...

Alphabetical sorting: You can now view your pupil list in alphabetical order or according to which record was most recently updated. You can set the default sorting option by selecting Records in your iPad's Settings app.

New fields: There are new fields for the following skills:
Angle Start
Uphill Start
Junctions - Turning Left
Junctions - Turning Right
Junctions - Emerging Left
Junctions - Emerging Right
Junctions - Crossroads
Junctions - Traffic Lights
Bay Parking

If you're wondering what happens to your old notes for Junctions, these will be moved to the new Traffic Lights category.

Custom skill levels: You can now define your own skill levels for grading performance, so you are not limited to using Introduced, Full Instruction, Prompted etc. Select Records in your iPad's Settings app to customise skill levels.

Other tweaks:
Other Traffic field becomes Meeting Other Traffic
Reversing field becomes Reversing Around A Corner
Parking field becomes Parallel Parking

As usual, the update is free and can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store.


Records is the latest app release here at Robosoul, and it's another one that's tailor made for driving instructors in the UK.

Over the years, I've tried various paper-based systems for storing pupil records. All of them have suffered from the same fundamental flaw: either I have the record of the pupil's progress, or the pupil has it.

Probably the better of these two options is that the pupil takes it away with them, but this would cause two further problems: I would have to make some additional notes for my own reference, and the pupil could not be relied upon to bring their copy of the record to each lesson for updating.

This situation desperately needed fixing, and that's why I developed Records.

Records uses the official DSA syllabus for driver training. It enables you to record the pupil's current standard for each of the various driving skills, the date that level was achieved, and additional notes for each skill if required.

The real beauty of the app is that this record can be instantly emailed to the pupil as soon as it's completed at the end of each lesson. (Obviously an internet connection is required to send the email, so if you have an iPad with wi-fi only you might have to wait until you get home to send out your progress records.)

The Records app enables you to keep detailed records of your pupils' progress while also keeping your pupils in the loop, so they'll come to each lesson knowing what they're doing well and what needs more work. They should also gain a better overall picture of what they need to do before they're ready to pass their test.

When training is complete, you have a record of everything that was done and the date on which it was achieved. You can email this record to yourself and, if necessary, print it out for safe keeping.

Records is a universal app so you can use it on an iPhone or an iPad. It's available now on the iTunes App Store for only £2.99.

What are you waiting for? Go get it!

Requirements: Records requires iOS 5.1 or higher.