Manoeuvres 2.2

Manoeuvres has been updated to add the ability to zoom in on the steering action in the Turn in the Road section. Just tap the magnifying glass icon in the bottom-right corner.


Manoeuvres 2.1

My Manoeuvres app has been completely re-written in order to address a few bugs that some users have been experiencing since upgrading to iOS 7.

The update also adds brake lights and tweaks the position of the blindspots. I've added an ORU to the Reverse Left section, and also tweaked the way the ORUs work so they're more flexible and interactive.

The update is available now via the iTunes App Store.

Manoeuvres 1.3

An update to Manoeuvres is now available. The update includes the following enhancements:

• Pause button: tap to pause the animations while they are in progress
• Camber button: tap to show an image of the camber in Turn In The Road and Parallel Park
• Additional signalling options for communicating with ORUs in Parallel Park
• Variable turning position for Parallel Park
• Change pen width & colour via your iPad's Settings app
• Spelling corrections: I still manage to get "break" and "brake" confused sometimes!

Click here to see a video of the adjustable Parallel Park position in action.

Manoeuvres HALF PRICE for two weeks only!

Learn To Drive: Manoeuvres is now on sale at HALF PRICE for the next two weeks.

That's just £1.49 for all the manoeuvres, including reversing around a corner to the right.

If you haven't already got this app, now is the time!

Get it:

Learn To Drive: Manoeuvres - Neil Beaver

Manoeuvres updated

The Manoeuvres app for iPad has been updated to enable drawing on the view. This feature has been added for the benefit of instructors using the app in lessons.

Manoeuvres is ideal for anyone who wants to get to know UK driving manoeuvres inside-out. All manoeuvres are broken down into stages so you can work through them step by step. Each stage is animated, and you can skip forwards and backwards through the animations as needed.

The app also includes full briefings for each manoeuvre.

More details are here.

Screenshots in iOS

Capturing an image of your iPhone or iPad screen is easy. Simply press the two buttons at the same time - that's the Sleep/Wake button on the top and the Home button on the front. Pressing these buttons together will capture an image of exactly what's on the screen of your device. The image is saved in your Photos app where you can access it anytime, email it, send it by SMS etc.

A screenshot can be made while using any app at any time, so if you want to send a pupil an image from Road Pad or Manoeuvres, it's very easy. You can also save and reuse your favourite independent driving routes.

Have fun!

Manoeuvres hits the App Store

I'm very excited to announce the release of my latest app for iPad, Manoeuvres.

The idea is very simple: As an instructor you want to give an engaging briefing that shows your pupil exactly what a manoeuvre entails. As a learner, you want to study the manoeuvres in between lessons, memorising the many details you're required to demonstrate in the driving test. If you're a trainee instructor, you need to know these manoeuvres inside out and back to front.

The Manoeuvres app is essential for all these groups. It's also pretty handy for full licence holders who'd like a quick and easy reminder of how things ought to be done.

Check it out...