Manoeuvres 2.2

Manoeuvres has been updated to add the ability to zoom in on the steering action in the Turn in the Road section. Just tap the magnifying glass icon in the bottom-right corner.


Learn To Drive Bundle now available for iPad

With the release of iOS 8, Apple has finally made it possible to by app bundles. This means that developers can choose to combine several apps into a bundle and sell them together on the App Store with a discount.

I've had quite a few requests for the ability to buy my animated "Learn To Drive" series of apps all together, so I'm very pleased to be able to say that these nine apps are now available as a bundle for £25.99, a saving £4.42 (or 17%) off the cost of buying them all individually.

These nine apps provide animated visuals for your lesson briefings on the following topics:

• Controls
• Position
• Emergency Stop
• Manoeuvres
• Pedestrian Crossings
• Give Way junctions
• Traffic Lights
• Roundabouts
• Dual Carriageways.

You can find the Learn To Drive Bundle here, or by opening the App Store on your iPad and searching for "Learn To Drive Bundle".

If you already own one or more of the apps in the series, you can still take advantage of the bundle offer by using Apple's "Complete My Bundle" feature. This means you will be refunded whatever you have already paid for apps in the bundle, and will instead be charged the bundle price to own all the apps in the bundle.

You can find out more about the apps in the Learn To Drive series by going to the apps page.


With very little warning, Apple has raised prices for apps in the App Store. This is to offset rises in VAT rates due to new EU legislation.

If bought individually, the total cost of all apps in the bundle is now £35.71.

The bundle price has now risen to £27.99.

The total saving from buying the bundle now sits at around 22%.

Controls gets auto option at last

My Controls app now has the option to switch between manual and automatic transmission in the Pedals and Gears sections.

In the Pedals section, switching to automatic simply hides the clutch pedal.

In the Gears section, as you'd expect, the interactive manual gearbox is replaced with an automatic version.

The app will remember your last selection, so if you always teach automatic it will still be selected next time you launch the app.

Not got the app yet? Get it here:

Learn To Drive: Controls - Neil Beaver

Manoeuvres 2.1

My Manoeuvres app has been completely re-written in order to address a few bugs that some users have been experiencing since upgrading to iOS 7.

The update also adds brake lights and tweaks the position of the blindspots. I've added an ORU to the Reverse Left section, and also tweaked the way the ORUs work so they're more flexible and interactive.

The update is available now via the iTunes App Store.

Roundabouts 2.0

I'm very pleased to announce today the release of a major update to my Roundabouts app. This update is for iOS 7.0 and above and includes the following improvements:

• Smoother animations
• Collision detection - cars will now simulate an actual collision instead of driving over each other
• Exit signals for mini-roundabouts
• Medium and Large sections can now show two cars approaching side by side
• Turning right into the 4th exit is now shown in the Large section
• Brand new Spiral section
• Interface tweaked for improved usability and updated for iOS 7

The update also includes the full range of new features that I've been adding to all the apps in the Learn To Drive series, including the ability to save your own images and to email revision links to your pupils.

If you don't have the app already, get it here:

Learn To Drive: Roundabouts - Neil Beaver

Pedestrian Crossings 2.0

Pedestrian Crossings 2.0 update is going live today for those using iOS 7 on their iPad. This update adds the new features which are rolling out to all apps in the Learn To Drive series.

Learn To Drive: Pedestrian Crossings - Neil Beaver

My next app: what to expect

I'm really excited about my next iPad app for Driving Instructors, which I'm hoping will be available within the next week. Here's why I'm excited...

This is the EIGHTH app in my Learn To Drive series of training aids for Driving Instructors. Using these apps, almost all of your standard briefings can be brought to life with the interactive animations and other features made available by these apps. The Learn To Drive series now looks like this:

Emergency Stop
Pedestrian Crossings
Give Way
Traffic Lights

That’s seven, and any day now we will have number eight: Position.

Position is going to cover many of the topics that aren’t already covered by other apps in the series. I’ve been working on this app for quite some time, and there's a lot of essential stuff for Driving Instructors in it, the kind of stuff that will make you wonder how you ever managed without it.

Here's the lowdown on what's covered:

Moving Off & Stopping
• Animated moving off and stopping
• P.O.M. & M.S.M. routines
• Steering wheel demonstrator
• Option to add other road users and move them around on screen

Obstacles / Meeting Traffic
• Dealing with obstacles on the left, right, or both sides of the road
• Meeting other road users who may or may not be following the rules!
• Meeting other road users in busy situations

Space & Speed
• Slowing down for situations with limited space
• Slowing down even more for oncoming traffic when space is limited

• Changing lanes with or with our other road users present
• Signalling is optional
• Side roads can be added to show how signals can be misleading

• Correct position for left & right bends
• Limit points

Finally, this app already includes the exciting new features which have just become available in the Controls & Traffic Lights apps. The new features are:

• Option to email a link to online briefing
• Option to save your own images into the app
• Easy-eye colour mode (ideal for Irlen sufferers)

These new features will be added to all the apps in the Learn To Drive series over the coming weeks. You can read more about them here.

The new Position app will cost £3.99 and will be available soon!

Smooth new images for Controls

Version 2.0 of Controls has just gone live as a free update for you lucky people. This update implements the new features described in the previous post, as well as some fantastic improvements to the images, a couple of bug fixes, and a few extra dashboard lights in the Signals section.

If you haven't already got this app, you can check it out on the App Store with the button below. With this update it's even more feature-packed than ever, including the interactive clutch demonstrator and push-pull steering extravaganza!

Learn To Drive: Controls - Neil Beaver

Learn To Drive series: new features

An update to the Traffic Lights app in my Learn To Drive series has just gone live for those with iOS 7 installed on their iPad. This update introduces some exciting new features which I’ve been working on in recent months, and which will be rolling out across the whole Learn To Drive series in the coming weeks.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s new…

Ok, this one isn’t actually new but is included here for the sake of completeness. Tap this icon for a full briefing on the current topic where appropriate. If the current subject is not one that requires a full briefing, this button will reveal a short description of what is on screen and why.

This icon will instantly create an email containing a link to a webpage covering the current subject. All you need to do is provide your pupil’s email address and hit Send. If you have your pupil’s email address already stored in your iPad’s Contacts app, the address will auto-complete as you start to type. This is a very quick and easy way to increase the level of your pupil's engagement with their lessons. Because the link pops up in their inbox, it’s a handy reminder for them to do some revision, making them much less likely to come to their next lesson having forgotten it all.

Tap this icon to customise your lesson briefings with your own images. You can import images from your iPad’s photo library, or you can use the iPad’s camera to take a new photo. Add images of your car, your reference points, the unusual junctions in your area, anything that’s relevant to your briefing. Swipe the screen to change back and forth between your saved images.

Easy-eye colour mode
This feature has been added to aid pupils with high sensitivity to images with bright colours and/or high levels of contrast. Tap the icon to make the images on screen more friendly to anyone experiencing this kind of difficulty, in particular those with Irlen syndrome. Much respect to Julia Malkin and Gary Gough, who are developing the Revolutions course, and encouraging the use of techniques like this to increase the quality and availability of special needs driving lessons for all.

New drawing icon
Drawing still works exactly the same as it always did, but has this shiny new icon to brighten up your day. Tap to activate drawing mode, and the following two icons will appear. Tap the drawing icon again to exit drawing mode.

New undo icon
Bored of the old undo button? Yes, me too. This one should make you feel better. Works the same as before, so another purely cosmetic change here.

New clear icon
The button for clearing all drawing from the screen has also had a facelift. Much better!

I hope you enjoy using these new features in your lessons as they become available through updates to the apps. I think you'll agree that some of these features have the potential to have a transformative effect on your lessons.

The best thing about these new features is they're available to you absolutely free of charge for the apps you already own!

PLEASE NOTE: You need to have iOS 7 installed on your iPad to be able to download the updates with these new features.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Drawing mode in the Controls app does not have an undo or clear option. Turning off drawing will automatically clear the screen.

Manoeuvres HALF PRICE for two weeks only!

Learn To Drive: Manoeuvres is now on sale at HALF PRICE for the next two weeks.

That's just £1.49 for all the manoeuvres, including reversing around a corner to the right.

If you haven't already got this app, now is the time!

Get it:

Learn To Drive: Manoeuvres - Neil Beaver

Controls update

I've been so busy lately I didn't even get around to writing blog posts for my latest app releases. Controls came out a couple of weeks ago. It's the latest in the Learn To Drive series of apps for instructors and learners. Instructors will find this particularly useful as a teaching aid for the Controls lesson.

I've tried to make this app more than just a series of images by adding interactive elements wherever possible. It's not easy to imitate the way car controls work - the way the indicators click on and off, the pedals spring back up when released and hands slide around the wheel when using the push/pull steering method.

The end result is, I think, the most useful resource currently available to a driving instructor for teaching the controls lesson.

Controls just got even better with the new update which adds a whole new section on vision and blindspots, as well as some enhancements to the steering section of the app. You can now add a clock face to the wheel to help in explaining where the hands should be and how they should move. You can also demonstrate how the wheels of the car turn in response to the turning of the steering wheel. This could be especially useful outside of the controls lesson, such as when teaching parallel park.

The other major enhancement in this update is the addition of more comprehensive briefings for each section. These briefings will be especially useful for learners using the app to brush up on their controls knowledge in between lessons. Just tap on the wee info buttons for a description of each control and how it should be used.

New app: Give Way

Another new app from Robosoul has hit the App Store in the past few days. This one is called Give Way, or "Learn To Drive: Give Way" to give it its full title.

This app explains the basics of UK driving using a series of animations in different situations. The situations all involve Give Way junctions - the most common type of junction in Britain. This is usually the first junction a beginner driver learns to do, and as a result this is where many of the basics are picked up.

Click here for more details.

Give Way is available on the iTunes App Store for £2.99.

Manoeuvres updated

The Manoeuvres app for iPad has been updated to enable drawing on the view. This feature has been added for the benefit of instructors using the app in lessons.

Manoeuvres is ideal for anyone who wants to get to know UK driving manoeuvres inside-out. All manoeuvres are broken down into stages so you can work through them step by step. Each stage is animated, and you can skip forwards and backwards through the animations as needed.

The app also includes full briefings for each manoeuvre.

More details are here.