Screenshots in iOS

Capturing an image of your iPhone or iPad screen is easy. Simply press the two buttons at the same time - that's the Sleep/Wake button on the top and the Home button on the front. Pressing these buttons together will capture an image of exactly what's on the screen of your device. The image is saved in your Photos app where you can access it anytime, email it, send it by SMS etc.

A screenshot can be made while using any app at any time, so if you want to send a pupil an image from Road Pad or Manoeuvres, it's very easy. You can also save and reuse your favourite independent driving routes.

Have fun!

Indy Drive - new app for iPhone and iPad

I very excited about the release of Indy Drive. This is my first universal app - it works on both iPhone and iPad.

I've been using the app in lessons to test it out and it's been extremely helpful to be able to put together a diagram for an independent route any time, any place.

This is a good way to ensure your pupils are not taken aback when asked during their test to follow a series of directions sketched out on a piece of paper being shown to them by the examiner. I've taken care to make the diagrams as similar as possible to the ones used by the DSA.

Indy Drive is available now on the iTunes App Store. Get it here.