Give Way and Emergency Stop updated

An update to Give Way has gone live today. The update includes the following improvements:

• Pause: you can now pause the animations at any time.

• Rear wheel steering: steering has been greatly improved, giving a more realistic impression of how cars really move when turning corners.

• Stop junction: a stop junction has been added to the Emerging section of the app.

• Give Way & Stop signs: these have been added to the Emerging section of the app.

• Variable pen width & colour: these can be changed in your iPad's Settings app.

Emergency Stop received an update with some new features around a month ago. Here's what was included:

• Stopping distances chart.

• Image showing how to look for feet behind parked vehicles. This can be found in the planning section by pausing the animation when the pedestrians are passing behind the parked van. Once paused, tap the info button to show the image.

• In the skidding section, the car will now be shown skidding out of control if you steer the wrong way when trying to correct a skid.

Emergency bug fixing

The Emergency Stop app has just been released and already I'm getting plenty of valuable feedback. Mostly it's very positive, but a few glitches have been picked up by users so I've been working on an update to fix the bugs. These are the ones that have been brought to my attention:

• In the Planning section, if you quit and then relaunch the app during one of the animations, strange things will happen.
• In the Planning section, if you pause the action and then reset while still paused, the blue car will be frozen in place and not move out the way of parked vehicles. Other weird things may also happen.
• In the Skidding section, if you turn the wheel right around while skidding, you can correct the skid by turning the wheel the wrong way.

All these bugs have been fixed and I've submitted an update to Apple for their approval. Hopefully they'll get it released with the minimum of delay.

If you come across any issues which are not listed above, please let me know as soon as you can. Include a list of steps to reproduce the bug and I'll get it fixed.

Emergency Stop

It's here! The app you've all (well, some of you) have been waiting for!

You can read more about the new app here.

Go straight to App Store to check out some screenshots and grab yourself a copy buy hitting this here button:

Learn To Drive: Emergency Stop - Neil Beaver