New app: CPD

CPD helps you schedule and keep track of your CPD events.

When you have an event planned, add it to the app so you have a record of all the events you are going to attend. You can easily insert the event into your device's calendar and set a reminder.

Once you've attended the CPD event, mark it as completed. It will then be removed from your planned list and added to your completed list. The completed list maintains a tally of the number of CPD hours you have completed to date.

For each event, you can add your own notes and pinpoint it on a map so you can easily get directions if needed.

CPD is free to download and use. Small adverts may appear from time to time within the app. If you want to use it without any adverts, you can make an in-app purchase for 69p which will remove them permanently.

CPD is currently optimised for use on the iPhone. Native iPad integration is planned for the future. In the meantime the iPhone version of the app can be installed and run on an iPad.

Hit the button below to get it now on the iTunes App Store.

CPD - Continuing Professional Development - Neil Beaver