App prices updated

I've just done a review of all iOS app prices since Apple has recently raised prices quite significantly in the wake of the Brexit vote and the subsequent drop in value of the Pound.

As a UK-based company selling primarily to UK customers, I don't feel this price rise is appropriate, so I have reviewed all prices and lowered them to better reflect how they were before Apple interfered. Some apps are even a little cheaper now than they were before.

Apple's price changes happened suddenly and I only found out about them when a customer emailed to ask why the prices on my website did not match those on the App Store. I have now updated all prices on the website as well, so the prices stated on this site should tally with what is payable on the App Store. However, as changes can take a while to filter through Apple's system, there may remain some discrepancies during the next day or two.

The prices shown on the website are what you should be asked for on the App Store. If the App Store is asking for more, please try again after 24 hours or so, and you should then see the correct price.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.