ADI Records and Manoeuvres - progress update

I know many of you are waiting for updates relating to the upcoming changes in the driving test, due to begin December 4th. I’m fielding an ever-increasing amount of email in relation to this, so I wanted to post an update so that everyone who wants to know can understand what’s happening.

The two apps most seriously affected by these changes are ADI Records and Manoeuvres. (There is also Mock Test, but I'm treating that as
a lower priority at the moment.)

First of all, these updates originally took a back seat to the re-write of my Routes app (
see here for more details on that). I had hoped to have Routes finished a lot quicker, thinking there would still be plenty of time to get Records and Manoeuvres done after that. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the Routes project has dragged on and on, and I’ve now had to leave that aside in order to crack on with these two. With December 4th approaching fast, I don’t have much choice.

Sadly, with the changes in Records all ready for final testing on my iPhone and iPad, I hit a major snag…

Recently, my development computer started acting up and needed to be replaced. To cut a long and complicated story short, I wasn’t able to transfer to the new computer certain security credentials that are necessary in order to be able to publish updates on the App Store. Apple is, of course, obsessive about security. Their App Store is generally a very safe and secure place, so much more so than the Google Play Store, so it’s hard to criticise them for it. However, this does make things incredibly complicated for developers. Whenever we have to deal with issues relating to security keys and certificates, we always get a strong sense of dread, because when you have a problem with these things it is always impossible to understand, and usually pretty hard to solve.

I am currently in touch with Apple’s very competent support staff, and I am hoping to have the issue resolved relatively quickly. However, there is no way for me to say exactly when.

I fully expect to have these apps updated before December 4th. I hoped that it would be well before, but obviously things are going to be a lot tighter than originally planned.

I’m really sorry for the delays. I know many of you rely on my apps to help with your everyday teaching needs. These updates are now much needed, so I’m doing everything I can to bring them to you as soon as I can.

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